Urge Congress To Take Action To Address The Destructive Effects Of Climate Change Now


Climate Change is real, its impact is global, and the effects are not spread evenly across the world’s population. Perhaps more troubling, Climate Change is man-made. Carbon pollution is causing it, and it is within our power to limit the damage. Science has spoken, and the clock is ticking.  Everyone from President Obama and NASA, to a majority of the world’s top scientists and the leaders of major corporations all agree that it is past time to take action. Everyone, that is, except for Congress.

The effects of global warming are especially dire to low-income and racial and ethnic minority Americans. Scientific study after study demonstrate communities of color and low income communities are disproportionately impacted by the effects of Climate Change, as well as people living in developing nations around the world. Manifestations of Climate Change such as storms, floods, extreme cold and heat, as well as climate variability have a much more serious impact on African-Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities economically, socially and through our health and well-being. Hurricane Katrina, and its aftermath, is but one example of how the results of climate change can have a disparate and often tragic impact on communities of color in America.  And as Typhoon Haiyani demonstrated in the Philippines late last year, the global impact of Climate Change is often most devastating to those who can least afford it. 

Despite all the evidence about the reality of Climate Change and the damage it is causing, Congress has so far not taken any real legislative action to address the causes or the impact of this problematic phenomenon, nor the necessary solutions. We need to send a loud message that the American people want action from Congress regarding Climate Change.  To highlight the problem, several Senators, led by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), intend to spend the entire night of Monday, March 10, 2014 talking about the problems associated with Climate Change, as well as what Congress should be doing.

The NAACP applauds Senator Whitehouse and his colleagues who join him for their conviction and for their actions calling attention to Congress’s inaction.  In support of their efforts, we urge every member of the NAACP to click on https://naacp.cp.bsd.net/page/signup/climate-change-petition and lend their name to this important petition.  We also urge NAACP units, members, and friends to contact their federally elected Member of Congress and encourage them to do something to stop the ravages of Climate Change.

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