NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Director Travels to Warsaw

The NAACP has been represented at COP 15(Copenhagen), 16 (Cancun), 17(Durban), and 18(Doha). This year, Katherine Egland, NAACP National Board Member and Chair of the Environmental and Climate Justice Board Committee and Jacqueline Patterson, Director of the Environmental and Climate Justice Program, will represent the NAACP.

NAACP Chairman Roslyn M. Brock Featured on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin

Chairman Roslyn Brock discusses getting out the vote in local elections and the current search for a new NAACP President and CEO.

Host a Screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild

The NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice program invites you to host a screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Stages of Wealth Building

Financial experts talk all the time about the importance of wealth, but remember that amassing wealth doesn't happen all at once.

Grammy-Award winning Artist and Activist John Legend Launches Partnership with the NAACP

Grammy-Award winning artist and activist John Legend launched a partnership with the NAACP to promote voting rights efforts across the country and help register eligible concert goers to vote.

Digital Evangelist: Using Mobile Messaging for Civic Engagement

The NAACP Participates in Food Day

Food Day is about continuing the fight for affordable and accessible food regardless of the community you live in. It's also about ensuring that children across hte nation receive the most nutritious meals possible through the lunch program.

NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice at Power Shift

This weekend, NAACP is getting ready to attend Power Shift--a conference that is a chance for youth to make a difference on environmental issues and fellowship with others of like mind.

The Fight to Save Lives Continues

On a recent Sunday morning, church-goers in Baltimore piled into their places of worship expecting to hear a sermon on an epic battle. To the surprise of many, the battle the pastor spoke of was not between David & Goliath but between the black community and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Digital Evangelist : Tools to Increase Voter Registration

This week's webinar will cover why we use the VAN system to register voters and how mobile messaging can play an important role in reaching that goal.

International Women and Earth Climate Summit

NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program Director Jacqui Patterson gave remarks at the International Women and Earth Climate Summit.

NAACP and Gilead Sciences Announce Commitment to Action at CGI

The NAACP and its partner, Gilead Sciences, announced a joint Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action to enlist faith leaders as change agents to address the disparate impact of HIV/AIDS on the African American community.

11 Million Dollars Available in Community Development Grants

Do you or someone you know work for a 501c3 dedicated to community improvement and/or development in communities of color? If so, apply now for the Urban Lift Program.

Digital Evangelist: Free Email Clients

This week's webinar will cover how to use a free email client--allowing NAACP units to organize and message members in a more efficient and inexpensive way.

Digital Growth

Check out the growth of the NAACP the last five years.

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