Watch Live: Google Hangout Discussion on the Civil Rights Movement

Senior Voting Rights Director Jotaka Eaddy joins civil rights leaders to discuss the burgeoning new movement inspired by the Trayvon Martin case.

Digital Evangelist: Mobile Messaging for Organizing

This week, Lauren Wilson will host a webinar about Mobile Messaging, a great tool that can help your branch reach people who do not have immediate access to the internet.

Final Moral Moral Monday Protest

Yesterday marked the final Moral Monday protest at the North Carolina General Assembly.

The Supreme Court and the October Term: What’s Next?

After ending a historic term, what's next for the Supreme Court? The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear McCutcheon v. FEC that will challenge the constitutionality of federal aggregate contribution limits, which caps the total amount of money that individuals are permitted to contribute to all federal candidates, parties, and PACS over the course of an election cycle.

The Immigration Movement:  Advancing Social and Economic Justice for All

Keep updated on this week's social media campaign via Facebook and Twitter highlighting the diverse faces and organizing on the hot topic of immigration reform.

NAACP Econ Brings Financial Empowerment to Convention

The NAACP Economic Department brought financial empowerment to the 104th NAACP Annual Convention last week in Orlando, Florida.

Pastors Lead the Fight to End HIV

On Sunday, July 14th pastors across America partnered with the NAACP on the Day of Unity to preach about HIV as a social justice issue.  The annual day brought together faith leaders nationwide to join the movement to stop the social injustices that have led to the unequal impact HIV is having in their communities. 

2013 ACT-SO Awards

In case you missed it, watch a playback of this year's ACT-SO Award show in Orlando, Florida at the NAACP National Convention.

Membership Matters

One of the major themes for the Membership Department for 2013 has been remembrance and activism--as we remember the path that was forged for us, we continue our activism, laying the path ahead of us.

56th President of Haiti Addresses the NAACP

Haitian President Michel Martelly gave his remarks at the Opening Public Mass Meeting, Sunday, July 14th--addressing a crowd of thousands at the 104th Annual NAACP National Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Voting Rights Victories Across the Country

Since the 103rd Convention, the Voting Rights Initiative has led the fight for restoring the rights of people with former felony convictions and ending voter suppression across the country.

Building Healthier, Stronger Communities

The NAACP Health Programs Department has made strides in addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic; ending childhood obesity; working to implement the Affordable Care Act in all 50 states and reducing health disparities among communities of color.

Advancing Sustainable Communities

The NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Department has continued the efforts to end pollution in communities of color and create environments that promote community health and safety.

Celebrating Legal Victories

The Supreme Court's latest term came to a historic in the June. Within the span of weeks, the Court issued major decisions on voting rights and registration, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage.

The Day of Unity

Today marks the second annual national Day of Unity, a day that unites faith leaders nationwide in the fight to end the HIV epidemic. Hundreds of faith leaders around the country join to together on this day in support of the NAACP's The Black Church and HIV: The Social Justice Imperative initiative to preach a powerful message on HIV/AIDS as a social justice issue.

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