Voter Suppression Townhall at the CBC Annual Legislative Conference

The Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference hosted a Townhall meeting on voter suppression this week.

Meet the Digital Media Field Manager: Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson, our new Digital Media Field Manager, will connect the field to digital media tools to use in civic engagement efforts.

The Fight against Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania

During the Jim Crow Era, states erected all kinds of ridiculous and shameful barriers to prevent African Americans from voting. They required African Americans to pass complicated literacy tests. They forced black people to pay outrageous poll taxes. In some states, in order to vote, black people had to know how many bubbles were on a bar of soap or how many jelly beans were in a jar.

Chasing the Dream:Economic Challenges Black Immigrants Face in the 21st Century

In the second part of our three part series, "Chasing the Dream",Yehwroe Sinyan and Isabel Lorenzo discuss the often untold story of the the various economic challenges many black immigrants face upon arriving to the United States.

NAACP Units Trained to Bring Economic Empowerment to Their Communities

Over this past weekend, NAACP units from all over the country convened to attend the 2nd Annual Train the Trainer at the Financial Freedom Center, headquarters for the NAACP National Economic Department. Train the Trainer is an annual weekend long program that equips NAACP units with the knowledge and tools to engage in economic education and advocacy work in their local communities.

49 Years Later, Martin Luther King’s Dream Lives On

NAACP celebrates the 49th anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Our Summer Experience with the NAACP Economic Department

Economic Program Intern and Howard University Senior, Isabel Lorenzo, reflects on her summer experience with the NAACP Economic Department, some of the skills she, other interns and volunteers gained, and the utility of these skills for school, the workplace and public service.

Truth and Hope Poverty Tour

Join us this Saturday in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for the mass meeting to eradicate poverty.

It’s Time to Double Down on What Works

President Ben Jealous just returned from the White House where President Obama made a special announcement -- through Executive Order he has established a new initiative to improve educational outcomes for African Americans

Voter ID Laws: Poll Taxes Revisited

NAACP Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy, Hilary Shelton talks about voter ID laws with Michael Eric Dyson on The Ed Show. Mr. Shelton discusses why requiring a state ID to vote, disenfranchises Black voters and is akin to a modern-day poll tax.

Is College Really Worth It?

Former NAACP legal intern Yolanda Melville weighs into the debate around college affordability and the big question, "is college really worth it?"

KNOW THE F.A.C.Ts!  An Overview of the Financial Advocacy and Community Tours

National NAACP Brings Gulf Financial Capacity Building Initiative to New Orleans, Louisiana

On Saturday, July 21, 2012, The National NAACP Economic Department and Environmental and Climate Justice Department will bring its Gulf Financial Capacity Building Initiative to Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. The initiative provides economic education and resources to communities of colors financially devastated by the Gulf Oil Drilling Disaster and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike.

Electoral Franchise

The NAACP Legal Department ran its second and final day of its Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars as part of the 2012 NAACP Convention in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to Address NAACP Convention

Romney will speak at the plenary session on civic engagement, which commences July 11 at 9:30 AM, CST.

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