Accept the #JusticeSummer Challenge, Walk #JusticeMiles

Accept the #JusticeSummer Challenge. Remember victims of police brutality. March #JusticeMiles today.

America’s Journey for Justice - #JusticeSummer

America's Journey for Justice is making its way through Alabama.

Why I Support America’s Journey for Justice

America’s Journey for Justice is our generation’s chance to plant ourselves firmly on the right side of history.

Why I Support America’s Journey for Justice

I am encouraged to know that the NAACP is willing and well equipped to go the distance. In August, the NAACP will march 860 miles from Selma, Alabama, to Washington, D.C. for “America’s Journey for Justice” -- a landmark effort to highlight and address continuing racial justice issues.

NAACP 106th Annual Convention – Day Four Wrap Up

The fourth day of the NAACP’s 106th National Convention kicked off to a great start.

106th NAACP Annual Convention Day 4 Wrap-up, in Tweets

NAACP President Cornell Williams Brooks gave a phenomenal speech as the keynote speaker at the First Plenary Session.

2015 NAACP ACT-SO Wrap-up

2015 NAACP ACT-SO competition came to an end at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Pulpits across America Come Together to End HIV

While the U.S. is taking steps forward in the fight against HIV, nearly 50,000 people were diagnosed with the virus in 2013. Almost half of those diagnoses were among Black Americans – a crippling statistic for a community that has long endured worse health outcomes than any other racial or ethnic group in the U.S. This threat to the survival and well-being of our community is a social injustice, and it is our duty to speak out, take action, and inspire advocacy for the health equity needed to end HIV in Black America.

NAACP 106th Annual Convention - Day Two Wrap-up

Day two of ACT-SO and the Commerce & Industry Show in Philadelphia.

Resolution: NAACP Ends Boycott of South Carolina

NAACP passes resolution to end economic boycott of South Carolina at 106th NAACP Annual Convention

NAACP 106th Annual Convention - Day One Wrap-up

Day one of ACT-SO and the kick-off press conference in Philadelphia.

Alabama NAACP Arrested, Attempting to Take Down Confederate Flag in 1988

Alabama NAACP's courageous attempt to take down the Confederate flag.

President Barack Obama to Address NAACP 106th Annual National Convention in Philadelphia

President Obama is set to address the NAACP Annual Convention, July 14.

The NAACP Is Not Done

Bostonia features the new president of the NAACP and future of the Association.

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