The NAACP Youth and College Division Celebrates the Life of Clara Luper.

On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, NAACP activist Clara Luper passed away at her home in Oklahoma, she was 88. Mrs. Luper was a school educator that served as Advisor to the NAACP Oklahoma City Youth Council for over 50 years.

NAACP Units: Grants Available for Financial Freedom Campaign Satellite Program

Approved units will receive a micro-grant to facilitate the organization of our education series

Twitterview with NAACP Education Director Beth Glenn - Why We’re Suing the NY Dept. of Ed.

Last May, the NAACP filed a lawsuit on behalf of New York City’s public schoolchildren and their parents. The lawsuit was filed for the most common reasons we have sued boards of education across the decades: students are being mistreated, parents are being disrespected and the entire community stands to suffer. On June 8, 2011, we sat down for a Twitterview with NAACP Education Director Beth Glenn to answer your questions about why the NAACP is suing the New York Department of Education.

WATCH: NAACP General Counsel Explains NYC Schools Lawsuit

General Counsel Kim Keenan appeared on MSNBC on June 6th to discuss inequities in NYC public schools and why the NAACP has filed suit.

TAKE ACTION: Help Fight Stark Inequity in NYC Schools

In some NYC schools, classrooms with peeling paint and insufficient resources sit on one side, while new computers, smartboards and up-to-date textbooks live on the other. One group of students will be taught in hallways and basements while others under the same roof make use of fully functional classrooms.

Gateway to Leadership: National Youth and College Director talks with young financiers on Leadership

Stefanie Brown, National Director of the Youth & College Division spoke with young people about youth leadership and civil rights at the "Gateway to Leadership" Internship Retreat, June 3rd 2011.

Health as a Civil Right: Social Justice Leadership in HIV

In the United States, African Americans still face a higher risk of HIV infection than any other racial or ethnic group as evidenced by (hyper link on Monday), an online mapping tool that provides a visual display of the prevalence of HIV. Black men and women of all ages and sexual orientations are less likely than other Americans to know they are infected, are diagnosed late and are less likely to be receiving treatment. We cannot continue to tolerate these disparities

Investing in Prisons Over Education is not Being Smart on Crime

What does it mean to be "tough on crime"? Does "toughness" depend on how many people we imprison? Or should the indicator be whether our society combats crime at its root? Current policies point directly at the former option, but we need to be smarter on crime.

Civil Rights Community Gathers at the LCCHR Dinner

This year, the honorees included Richard Trumka, Shirley Sherrod, and Joe Solmonese.

Operation Bike Week Justice

For the seventh consecutive year, the NAACP will monitor motorcyle events in Myrtle Beach, SC to ensure all tourists are treated fairly and equally regardless of race.

Y75: the NAACP Membership Challenge

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Youth & College Division, the NAACP has launched the first National Membership Campaign of the year.

Health Care Reform and HIV/AIDS

Black people continue to bear the brunt of the AIDS epidemic; we are also being rocked by the economic recession. As Black families lose their homes, jobs, and health insurance, it is critical that a bigger and stronger safety-net be available. The health care reform legislation passed last year is a major step towards health-related security for all Black Americans especially those living with HIV/AIDS.

NAACP, Google and Howard Law school discuss: “Civil Rights, The Internet and Entrepreneurship”

The NAACP and Howard University Law School's Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice teamed up with Google To discuss "Civil Rights, The Internet and Entrepreneurship" A Panel Discussion on Entrepreneurship in the African American Community. This panel discussion was held on Capitol Hill with representation from the Music, Fashion and Blogging industries.

Video: Ben Jealous and the Scott Sisters on the Mo’Nique Show

On Wed., May 11 Ben Jealous made an appearance on BET’s Mo’Nique Show, along with Jamie and Gladys Scott—the two sisters recently released from a Mississippi prison after a nationwide campaign for their freedom.

Nature’s Fury—Chronicling the Devastating Effects of Climate Change in the US South

On my tour of Alabama's tornado ravaged communities, I heard stories of triumph and stories of tragedy, stories of miracles and many stories of resilience.

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