NAACP Supports President Obama’s HIV/AIDS Strategy

The NAACP is pleased to support the Obama Administration's development of a comprehensive HIV/AIDS strategy.

Katrina Bridge Killings Could be Accountability Moment for Us All

On September 4, 2005, six unarmed New Orleans residents were attacked, two of them shot to death, as they tried to seek refuge for themselves and their families in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Our Six-Point Plan for Educational Equity

On Monday June 26, the NAACP and a coalition of civil rights groups released a six-point plan for providing more educational equity in the next reauthorization of the nation's key education law.

Raise Your Hands for Public Schools

One of the guiding principles underlying both the civil rights movement and the labor movement is solidarity — the undeniable truth that people are stronger when they stand together.

Looking for our old blogs?

The Climate Justice Initiative team has created a space for people to locate our archived blogs.

NAACP and First Lady Michelle Obama Fight Childhood Obesity

On Monday July 12, First Lady Michelle Obama addressed NAACP members at the 101st NAACP National Convention, alarming us about the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Video: Watch Benjamin Todd Jealous on Rachel Maddow Show

On Tuesday, July 21st, NAACP President & CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous made an appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show to discuss Shirley Sherrod and the right wing sounding board.

Watch the Shirley Sherrod Video in Full

The video of Shirley Sherrod released by Andrew Brietbart's Big Government Blog on July 19 didn't tell the full story. It was selectively edited to cast her in a negative light.

Video: Tea Party Leader Expelled from Movement over Blog Post

Today the national Tea Party Federation expelled the Tea Party Express organization over a racist blog post published by leader Mark Williams.

The Tea Party Must Police Itself

On Sunday, July 18, I will make an appearance on Face the Nation to discuss the NAACP’s resolution calling on Tea Party leaders to act responsibly by repudiating those in their ranks who use racist language and images in their speeches, placards and statements.

80 Oakland Cops Become Casualty of Crippled Economy

Just imagine walking through your front door after a long day's work and your house has been ransacked and your valuables gone. You call the police to report the crime but no one shows up.

NAACP Receives Racist Death Threat

After the passing of this week's resolution to encourage Tea Party leaders to repudiate racism within their ranks, the NAACP has received a number of death threats at local units and chapters around the country.

Slideshow: Offensive Tea Party Signs Slideshow: Offensive Tea Party Signs

We are one people. We are One Nation. Take the pledge to repudiate racism within the Tea Party. Don't let hate tear apart our country.

Can financial reform close racial wealth gap?

Today, the Senate is expected to vote on the financial reform bill. If it passes, it will introduce the nation to a package of sweeping regulations that will offer more consumer protection and industry supervision than has been provided in decades.

Why We Passed our Tea Party Resolution

This week at the NAACP annual convention, we passed over 75 resolutions. They addressed critical issues from education equity, to fixing our broken criminal justice and immigration systems, to our top priority: jobs, jobs, jobs.

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