Keeping Vigilant in the Face of Attacks

On Valentine's Day 2008 I was sitting in the driveway of my home, as my wife grabbed the mail from the mailbox and handed it to me. When I opened them, there was a noose in one envelope and racist literature in another.

Introducing Our New Weekly Interactive Video Blog: Ask Stef!

National Field Director Stefanie Brown takes questions from NAACP members and supporters around the country — everything from NAACP issue areas to organizing strategies.

Poisoned Communities — A Call to Expose and Address Rampant Environmental Injustice

In late October, I attended the Poisoned Communities Meeting from the Environmental Protection Agency Region 4. The event consisted of community members from the 6 states that comprise the region providing testimony on their situations.

Raise Your Voice for Health Care Reform

In the past decade alone, 880,000 African Americans died because they did not have access to meaningful health care. For people of color, life is, on average, shorter.

Welcome to The Civil Rights Health Care War Room

I am writing from the heart of Civil Rights Health Care War Room-an unprecedented coordinated effort by the NAACP, National Urban League, and the Black Leadership Forum and others to fight for real health care reform.

Join Us At A Local Action To Push For Real Health Care Reform!

On Thursday, November 5th, local NAACP units will hold press actions in ten states to kick off our final, coordinated push for meaningful reform, which includes a strong public option.

Getting Race out of the Race

The symbolism of having the first African American President is being interpreted in many ways throughout American politics, and more directly in both the Atlanta and Charlotte mayoral races.

Mass Incarceration Makes Our Communities Less Safe…Looking for Smart and Safe Solutions

As I was thinking about what to write for this blog, my mind kept floating to personal experiences of friends I've lost to violence and how inept responses to crime have made our communities less safe.

Climate Change is CRITICAL to Our Communities

When a lot of us hear about climate change we might think, "Well, I like the polar bears as much as the next person, but there are definitely more pressing issues to work on in our communities than worrying about some melting ice near Antarctica!"

Healthcare Reform: We Cannot Afford to Wait!

The healthcare reform debate has taken over our lives. It has aired on the news, in the newspaper and on the radio. It is an issue that can't be ignored.

Lou Dobbs to Black People: “Quit Whining”

Lou Dobbs isn't just going after our Latino brothers and sisters anymore. The CNN television host, famous for his nasty and incendiary attacks on immigrants, has now set his sights on the African American community.

Rights Still to Be Won

The civil rights struggle for legal equality in America today is no less necessary, nor worthy, than a similar struggle fought by blacks several decades ago.

Personal responsibility alone won’t fix structural inequalities

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to share the stage with America's legendary television dad, Bill Cosby, comedian Paul Rodriguez and University of Wisconsin Professor Maria Cancian.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

When I met Troy Davis earlier this year, I was convinced of his innocence. Why did it take the American justice system so long to act?

Troy Davis’ sister speaks: Death row’s invisible victims

My name is Martina Correia and I am on Death Row in Georgia. No I have not murdered anybody, never even been on trial. I am on death row because that is where my brother lives.

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