Commentary: NAACP agenda still ‘radical’ after 100 years

Last Thursday the U.S. Senate passed a resolution apologizing for slavery and for legalized segregation. It arrived more than a hundred years late, but better late than never.

Troy Davis Must Not Be Executed

As Father's Day approaches, we often reflect on the male role models, father figures and patriarchs who are instrumental in our lives. We hold them in high regard because they possess qualities we admire: courage and strength, perseverance and determination, humility and grace.

Confirm Judge Sotomayor Quickly

When a case comes before me involving.... someone who is an immigrant — I can't help but think of my own ... I have to say to myself, "You know, this could be your grandfather, this could be your grandmother.

Time to Dream Big

The struggle to end the lock 'em up and throw away the key policies that resulted in the U.S. jailing more of its citizens than any other industrialized country has just won a significant victory.

Election Day

Its 6:59am and I'm sitting in the Laurel, Maryland Community Center waiting to vote. Wow! I didn't know I had so many Black neighbors (I don't get out much).

“Fired Up, And Ready to Go!”

November 1, 2008 Youth and college students representing Georgia area universities came to Columbus, Ga. on a crisp Saturday morning "fired up and ready to go" to kick-off their part of the NAACP Youth & College "Think Hard, Vote Hard" Bus Tour.

The NAACP Vote Hard Bus Tour is underway, and what a morning it has been!

he NAACP Vote Hard Bus Tour just pulled away from Moncks Corner, South Carolina on our final stop for this weekend. What a fantastic time we had tonight.

Hurricane Ike — Day 2

I'm not exactly sure what my expectations were when I woke up this morning. I knew that it was going to be an arduous day because we were traveling to Houston and Galveston to assess damage and assist our units impacted by the hurricane

New NAACP Leader Kicks-Off Tenure Registering Every Last Voter

While most kids were home playing Nintendo, 14-year old Benjamin Todd Jealous and his friends were out commanding card tables and conducting voter registration drives.

Hurricane Ike NAACP Relief Efforts — Day 1 (Sept. 14)

"Its Katrina all over again"... When I received word last night that I was to fly to Texas in the morning to assist NAACP units with hurricane relief efforts I honestly questioned my reason for going.

The Start of Something Big

In the same place, at the same dais where President Abraham Lincoln and famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass delivered inspiring remarks, the NAACP marked the 100th anniversary of the Springfield race riot in Illinois today.

NAACP Releases Presidential Candidates Civil Rights Questionnaire

The NAACP Presidential Candidates' Civil Rights Questionnaire 2008, which includes responses from both presumptive presidential candidates, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama is currently available on the NAACP website.

Excitement Builds As ACT-SO Participants Marc Through Magic Kingdom

The anticipation is building as ACT-SO students await tomorrow's awards ceremonies that will include presentations by noted TV & movie celebrities Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews.

Through Workshops ACT-SO Students Gain Knowledge, Experience, Confidence

Turning dreams into realities by taking a divine gift or inspiration and fully exploring [or even exploiting] life's opportunities is what ACT-SO is all about.

ACT- SO: A Magic All It’s Own

On planes and buses from communities large and small in all corners of the U.S. they came to the Magic Kingdom — to cast spells of excitement and opportunity all their own.

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