18th Annual NAACP Theater Awards Announced

The Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP held a press conference today announcing new and exciting details about the 18th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards, Black Theatre's premiere award show, and the 1st Annual Theatre Awards Festival, the weekend of June 27.

NAACP ACT-SO 30th Anniversary

Founded in 1978 by renowned author and journalist Vernon Jarrett, ACT-SO provides a forum through which African-American youth can demonstrate academic, artistic and scientific prowess and expertise.

Upcoming 99th Annual NAACP Convention

Excitement continues to grow as the NAACP heads toward its 99th Annual Convention, being held July 12-17 in Cincinnati, just months ahead of its centennial celebration.

NAACP plans to protest firing

The Easton branch of the civil rights organization is planning a rally Wednesday outside the former school district administration building at 811 Northampton St. in support of Monroe, whose one-year contract isn't being renewed.


He always heard that if he stayed in school and got his diploma that he would average more money every his lifetime then someone who didn't. He always heard that if he got a college degree, he would make even more money over his lifetime.

Black America Under Siege: Without and Within

First off, not all of White America is racist; neither is all of Black America demented enough to refer to itself by the n-word.

Separate and Unequal Treatment in Myrtle Beach

There are two annual motorcycle events held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during the month of May. The first event is Harley Week. The second event is the Atlantic Beach Bike Festival.

NAACP Board chooses new President & CEO

The NAACP National Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Benjamin T. Jealous as National President & CEO. He is the 17th person chosen to lead the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization in its 99-year history.

Let the Truth Be Publicized

This weekend I had the honor of traveling to Cleveland, Ohio to present a training session to about 40 students on the basics of grassroots organizing and the history of the NAACP.

The Sean Bell Tragedy

I am sick to my stomach and I really do not know what to say right this second. My cell and office phones have been blowing up all day, and people have been emailing me nonstop.

NAS, genius or a classic ninny?

The Nas Legionnaires — a herd of misguided, pea-brain sycophants melodically influenced when Nas strums his flute of musical ignorance — are absolutely ecstatic about the new rapper's single, "Be A Nigger Too."

Race-Baiting Ad

The NAACP is fiercely non-partisan. We do not endorse candidates. But for over 99 years, the NAACP has also been fiercely anti-racist.

Is the NAACP Still Relevant?

For years, the critics have questioned the NAACP's relevance. They mention problems such as declining membership, closing of regional offices and ineffective marketing.

Living the Dream — Our History, Heritage, and Hope

Perhaps you have heard that there is a presidential election taking place in a few months. From Fox News and CNN to and, every news outlet and self-proclaimed journalist has an opinion about this year's elections.

NC Double‚ Something Just Aint Right?!

Last night as I watched the NCAA Final Four game I couldn't help but notice the subtle irony of the game. As it is with the NBA, the majority of players who play these sports are Black while the crowd of spectators is typically overwhelming white.

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