The Opportunity & Diversity Report Card: The Healthcare Industry is the third in a series of NAACP’s economic report cards on corporate diversity and inclusion. With the healthcare industry being one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, it is important to highlight opportunities in the industry and where we can strengthen people of color’s full participation.

NAACP Travels Around The Country, Trains Units How to Address Racial Profiling Cases

NAACP Criminal Justice is training units and the community how to take on racial profiling.

NAACP Supported End Racial Profiling Act Introduced in Congress

Intersections: Environmental and Climate Justice & the NAACP Game Changers

Our environment, including climate change, is affected by how societies, communities and individuals function, on many levels and environmental issues also increasingly have multiple impacts on our lives.

20 Things We Can Do to Advance a Just and Sustainable Planet

NAACP Climate Justice's plan for environmental equality for all.

NAACP Victory—Ohio Early Voting Hours To Be Expanded With Settlement

Voting is set for an expansion with new settlement

Cornell Brooks Giving the Keynote at Head Start’s 50th Anniversary Conference

NAACP President/CEO Brooks celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Head Start

NAACP Calls for Meeting with Oklahoma Attorney General, Seeks Justice for Eric Harris

Oklahoma NAACP seeks justice for Eric Harris.

Your Rights When Recording The Police

Your right to record the police.

NAACP calls for body cams, policing reforms

NAACP is showing support to the Walter Scott family, pushing for justice.

NAACP Adds Another Victim of Police Violence to the List, Walter Scott

We regret that we must add another name to this list.

NAACP’s Expanding Interactive Presence—Follow To Stay Up To Date

Follow NAACP on social media for daily updated action

NAACP Chairman Brock on New View with Ed Gordon

NAACP Chairman Brock discusses Loretta Lynch confirmation and racial profiling

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