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Texas Call Center is a Success

The NAACP Texas Call Center launched October 18--with a charge to call voters in Texas, Mississippi, California.

Meet the Digital Media Field Manager: Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson, our new Digital Media Field Manager, will connect the field to digital media tools to use in civic engagement efforts.

The Fight against Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania

During the Jim Crow Era, states erected all kinds of ridiculous and shameful barriers to prevent African Americans from voting. They required African Americans to pass complicated literacy tests. They forced black people to pay outrageous poll taxes. In some states, in order to vote, black people had to know how many bubbles were on a bar of soap or how many jelly beans were in a jar.

Voting Rights at the 103rd NAACP National Convention: Your Power, Your Decision—Vote

Less than four month before the 2012 elections, the NAACP voting rights initiative is working diligently to educate Americans on how to combat voter suppression tactics.

Kemba Smith Pradia Fights for Voting Rights of the Formerly Incarcerated Before the United Nations.

Ms. Smith was part of a delegation by the NAACP to bring the topic of voting rights before the UN's Human Rights Commission.

The Great Equalizer

The act of casting a ballot that gets counted on Election Day is the nation’s great equalizer. For the NAACP in particular, unfettered access to the ballot box and the transformative potential of the franchise is inextricable from who we are and every bit what we must leave for future generations.

5 million people…

When all is said and done, millions could be disenfranchised by changes to voting laws in states around the country. Here's what you can do to help prevent it.

A PROMISE for Our Children

We all remember how important self-perception was when we were young. As we worked to shape our identity and learn from new experiences, our self-esteem could rise and fall faster than a 13-year old’s voice.

Video: Texas Southern Chapter of the NAACP Marches to the Polls on Election Day

This year the Texas Southern NAACP Chapter, along with classmates, community members and local branch members marched to their local polling place to ensure their voice will be heard in this year’s mid-term election.

Blair Underwood Joins NAACP Get Out the Vote Efforts

Blair Underwood, award-winning actor from The New Adventures of Old Christine, L.A. Law, and numerous movies and television shows, has signed up to help the NAACP mobilize voters leading up to Election Day.

Get Out the Vote 101: How to Use the NAACP’s GOTV Portal

With so many important issues at stake, November's election is crucially important to the entire NAACP community.

South Carolina Voter ID bill discourages voter participation

As one of its final items of business for the 2010 legislative session, the South Carolina House of Representatives this week passed a bill requiring photo identification to vote.

On the Tom Joyner Census Bus, Day One

By now you should have received and returned your census form from the US government. But of course, for many of us it was carefully placed in file 13, along with toll receipts shopping circulars, credit card solicitations bragging of a 30% interest rates and of course the letter addressed " have just won...."

NAACP President & CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous Featured in New Census PSA

Watch NAACP President & CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous in a new Census video.

It Starts Now: Census Forms Arrive This Week

This is the week! The U.S. Census Bureau began mailing official Census forms on Monday — I just got mine yesterday. As promised, it literally took 10 minutes to fill out.

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