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NAACP’s Current Fight Against Racial Profiling Nationwide

NAACP branches are working hard against racial profiling incidents across the country.

Indiana NAACP Celebrates the End of Coal Burning in Indianapolis

This major victory, ending coal burning in Indianapolis is celebrated by the Indianapolis NAACP.

NAACP Environmental Justice presents at Earth 2100

Jacqui Patterson, NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Director presents at Earth 2100 Conference about effects of pollution/climate change.

Gulfport NAACP Victory: Plants to Stop Burning Coal, Programs For Low Income To Receive Funding

The Gulfport NAACP has a major victory with the announcement of coal plants closing.

Mississippi Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary Conference to Address Climate Justice

This week, the Mississippi Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary Conference will convene in Jackson, Mississippi to highlight the accomplishments of those who worked to change the politically segregated Mississippi and to discuss how to continue the struggle towards Mississippi reaching its full potential.

NAACP releases ‘Minnesota Just Energy Policies’ report

The NAACP Minnesota State Conference of Branches' Just Energy Policies Report was released. It assesses energy policy in the state through a civil rights lens.

NAACP ‘Just Energy Policies’ Report Released

The NAACP's new report analyzes the energy sector and its impact on the environment and economics, with a civil rights focus.

NAACP Defends Clean Air and Pollution Controls in Court

The NAACP supports the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012 Mercury and Air Toxics Rule, joins with other organizations to defend in court.

Host a Screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild

The NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice program invites you to host a screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild.

NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice at Power Shift

This weekend, NAACP is getting ready to attend Power Shift--a conference that is a chance for youth to make a difference on environmental issues and fellowship with others of like mind.

International Women and Earth Climate Summit

NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program Director Jacqui Patterson gave remarks at the International Women and Earth Climate Summit.

NY City Council Overrides the Veto of The Community Safety Act

This week, the New York City Council voted to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto of the Community Safety Act. NAACP President Ben Jealous considers this a victory, and a step in the right direction toward ending racial profiling.

Advancing Sustainable Communities

The NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Department has continued the efforts to end pollution in communities of color and create environments that promote community health and safety.

Recap: Netroots Nation Convention

Voting rights; the democracy initiative; better election processes and the African American caucus were on the agenda for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People at this year's #NN13. And we were excited to support our partners working to pass immigration reform

Advocating for Our Right to Breathe Clean Air

Local doctor's tribal leaders, nurses, clergy, labor leaders, parents and concerned citizens from all 50 states descended onto Washington, DC for the "50 States United for Healthy Air" delegation to speak with elected officials and staff from EPA and the White House to voice their concerns about the quality of our nation's air and its impact on public health.

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