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Region I CRATI

Jacqui Patterson, Director of the Environmental and Climate Justice Program, delivered a presentation at the Region I Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute. Ms. Patterson discussed how landfills in urban areas effect he health of communities of color and other environmental justice issues.

Diverse Coalition Supports Bridging The Gap Conference

Shamar Bibbins, Director of National Partnerships at Green For All, discusses why it's important for people of color to get connected to the Green Economy.

Connecting Black Communities with America’s Infrastructure

The Green Economy has proven to be tremendously successful in creating new procurement, investment, entrepreneurial, and job opportunities. It has already created millions of jobs and generated trillions of dollars across the globe.

Framing a Green Economy Based on Social Justice

In order to take part in the green economy we must approach it with a social justice lens. Director of Environmental and Climate Justice Jacqui Patterson shares what a justice-based green economy looks like and how it can be implemented while respecting all rights for all people.


Jaqui Patterson, Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice program, is delivering a training at the Region III CRATI.

Good Jobs, Green Jobs Pre-Conference in DC

"Bridging the Gap: Connecting Black Communities to the Green Economy" will take place on April 15th from 8am to 10pm in Washington, DC.


Jaqui Patterson, Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program, delivered a powerful training last week.


Jaqui Patterson presented a training about environmental issues in Region VI.

Governor Martin O’Malley Introduces the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act

Maryland Governor Martin O' Malley held a press conference at the Maryland State House to introduce the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013.

We Must Act Now

The NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice department attended a "pray-in" for climate with several organizations, including Interfaith Moral Action on Climate.

What Happens When Sisters Go Green?

The sooner we address the issue of air pollution caused by incinerators and coal-fired plants the closer we’ll get to making real progress on global warming.

Clean Air: A Civil and Human Right

Clean air is a civil and human right.

“Coal Blooded” Creates A New Dialogue

Coal Blooded: Putting Profits Before People studies 378 coal-fired plants and how these plants affect low-income communities and communities of color.

Climate Justice = People’s Rights

NAACP State Conferences across the country have taken up the fight for climate justice.

State of the Environment in the South: Emergency Summit July 6-7

The NAACP and Texas Southern University will holding an emergency summit to examine widespread environmental, economic and climate injustice throughout the south, July 6 and 7 in Houston.

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