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December 15, 2011 Edition of The Angle: Our Twist on Economic Justice Issues

The Angle is a monthly publication that provides an overview of the National Economic Department’s work around key Economic Justice issues. It is unique in that it captures the Economic Department’s most up-to-date information in a fun and colorful way! Go to the resources section of the NAACP Economics Programs Department's webpage ( to view the December 15th Edition!

NAACP’s Economics Department Participates in We Are One Conference in Phoenix, Arizona

On December 1 - 4, 2011, the NAACP’s Economics Department participated in the We Are One Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Over 500 community and labor organizers convened to learn how to create and advocate for a progressive agenda that unifies African American and Latino communities and strengthens all Americans.

Financial Tips: Wealth, The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As we enter the holiday season so much pressure can develop to spend what you don’t have and go greater into debt all in the name of “giving”. This holiday season let us all give each other support to be financially responsible and engage in wealth building rather than wealth destruction.

NAACP Economics Department presents for We Are One Conference December 1 - 4, 2011 in Phoenix, AZ

The NAACP is a proud sponsor and co-convener of the “We Are One Conference”, a national train-the-trainer event, which will embrace up to 1,000 labor/community organizers in Phoenix, Arizona December 1st through December 4th. This conference aims to empower African American and Latino leaders throughout the country to push a progressive economic agenda that fortifies the bonds between these communities and strengthens all Americans.

Gateway to Leadership Program Encourages Minorities to Consider Careers in Finance

The country’s demographics are shifting and the nation is becoming more multiracial and multiethnic; and yet, minorities remain significantly underrepresented in the finance industry, one of the country’s most lucrative and fastest growing sectors.

Financial Freedom Campaign Launches Satellite Program

On the weekend of September 23rd through the 25th, the NAACP’s Economic Department officially launched its Financial Freedom Campaign via its “Train the Trainers” training. Over the course of the three days, representatives from the 21 micro-grant satellite units met to engage in constructive dialog; learn best practices and were connected to valuable resources. These three components were provided to assist them with their own financial education/literacy workshops that they will be implementing over the course of the next year.

NAACP Nine Point Homeownership Reforms

The NAACP proposes nine measures that will help resolve the current housing and foreclosure crisis and will assist in charting a future for housing in America in which the majority of all American communities regardless of race or ethnicity will be able to become homeowners.

President Obama’s Job Creation Plan: What it Means to African Americans

NAACP Senior Director of Economic Programs Dedrick Muhammad discusses President Obama's jobs creation plan and what it means for the African American community.

The President’s Jobs Speech

We are proud that the NAACP has been involved in the discussions and work that laid the groundwork for the historic initiatives announced tonight.

Let us Remember Dr. King’s Struggle for Economic Justice

As the country celebrates the unveiling of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and reflects on the historic March on Washington, this is an opportune time to highlight economic justice, a key element of Dr. King’s vision for America. In 1960, 1/5th of the country, approximately 39 million Americans, lived at or below the poverty line. Racial inequality was accepted as the norm and disenfranchised communities had little hope of socio-economic advancement.

London’s Calling But Are We Listening?

Last year, I went to London with our President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous to attend a conference on Global Youth Employment. Eight months later I, along with the rest of the world, am seeing images of economically disenfranchised youth throughout England rioting and rebelling.

Dedrick Muhammad Discusses the Financial Freedom Center with ReelUrbanNews.Com

As the nation struggles to recover financially, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) launched the Financial Freedom Center and a bold campaign to assist communities and persons dealing with today’s financial challenges. Last week, Dedrick Muhammad, Senior Director of Economic Programs, discussed the launch of the Financial Freedom Center and the Financial Freedom Campaign’s goals in the coming months.

NAACP Economic Department Awards 21 NAACP Units with Micro-grants

The NAACP Economic Department announced 21 NAACP branches nationwide that will receive a $4,000 micro-grant to participate in the Financial Freedom Center’s inaugural financial education series at the 102nd Annual Convention.

Bank of America Endorses NAACP Responsible Mortgage Lending Principles

The NAACP and Bank of America have announced that they will enhance their partnership through the promotion of greater economic opportunity and advancement of community economic development throughout the nation. Bank of America has committed significant resources to support the work of the NAACP, providing financial education to disenfranchised communities that were ravaged by the economic crisis as well as identifying economic opportunities for the future.

CBC Hosts the Black Leadership Summit on the Jobs Crisis

Last week, I attended the Congressional Black Caucus’ National Black Leadership Summit on the Job Crisis. Black Congressional leaders along with notable civil rights leaders and organizations convened to discuss the economic plight facing the African American community.

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