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NAACP Reaffirms Support of Voting Rights Amendment Act

Interim NAACP President Lorraine C. Miller joins a tri-caucus group reaffirming unified support for the Voting Rights Amendment Act (VRAA).

Taking A Stand for Voting Rights in 2014

Voting rights are under attack, the NAACP is standing up and taking action.

Renewed Call for Reparations

Ta-Nehisi Coates' recent piece in The Atlantic, stirs a renewed conversation about the case for reparations. Check out the NAACP's track on the long fight--and current call to action.

NAACP Advocates with Poultry Workers Against Harmful USDA Rule

The USDA has a new rule for poultry plants, increasing processing line speeds, which will be harmful to poultry workers.

NAACP Responds to Change of Rules in the US Senate

The NAACP addresses the new United States Senate rules that require a simple majority vote for judicial and executive appointments, avoiding filibuster.

The Trouble with A la carte

A la carte was the really bad idea from several years ago which would have required cable and satellite companies to provide customers access to channels on a “price-per-channel” or a la carte basis.

We’re Not Done on Gun Safety

Today NAACP Director of the Washington Bureau and Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Policy, Hilary O. Shelton sent out the following email to over 500 NAACP activists who shared emotionally gripping gun violence stories:

Filibuster Reform

For too many years, senators have been using a more problematic version of the filibuster rule – a procedural tool meant to ensure the minority party could extend debate on a piece of legislation to obstruct Congress, create gridlock, and paralyze progress. We think it’s time to end this destructive practice.

Voter ID Laws: Poll Taxes Revisited

NAACP Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy, Hilary Shelton talks about voter ID laws with Michael Eric Dyson on The Ed Show. Mr. Shelton discusses why requiring a state ID to vote, disenfranchises Black voters and is akin to a modern-day poll tax.

Join the Washington Bureau for a Conference Call with the White House

The NAACP Washington Bureau will join a conference call today with White House officials to discuss the NAACP legislative and public policy initiatives included in President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget.

Join the NAACP, White House on Conference Call on American Jobs Act

The NAACP Washington Bureau invites members to engage in a conference call this afternoon with White House officials to discuss the American Jobs Act.

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