A Win in the Fight Against Racial Profiling

We already knew this to be a moral certainty, but now a federal court agrees: New York's controversial Stop and Frisk policy is a violation of our constitutional rights.

Tuesday's ruling is a major vindication of all our work together, because we always knew the rule of law was on our side. But this fight is far from over.

Next week, on August 22nd, the New York City Council will cast a vote that could decide the fate of crucial anti-racial profiling legislation, and end racist policing in New York City once and for all.

We are asking our council members to stand up to Mayor Bloomberg and vote to override the veto on both laws of the Community Safety Act. We'll be sending them emails beginning today.

If the 34 city council members who voted for the bill in the first place remain steadfast and brave in the face of baseless rhetoric and misinformation, the veto will be overturned.

Read more about the campaign here.  And you can read the entire ruling from Tuesday here.