Actions Speak Louder than Words

I am really getting tired of hearing and reading about the importance of the youth vote in this year's election. I am also tired of hearing that young people are the leaders of the future. I mean, how can you say that young people are changing the voting landscape today, but aren't actually leaders until tomorrow? If you ask me, I think that both phrases are simply things older people say to make themselves feel good and to hype young people into thinking how valuable they are to the future of this country. Now don't get me wrong — I do believe that many older people actually give a darn about the generations they precede and actually want to see us succeed in life. And yes, young people are extremely valuable. But as a true believer in the notion that "actions speak louder than words", I oftentimes find these sentiments hard to believe when I look at the way young people are treated and disrespected in this country.