Countdown to Convention: Greetings from California!

Greetings from Sunny Southern California! 

We, at the California NAACP Youth & College Division, are excited to welcome you to the fabulous Los Angeles for the 2011 National Convention, which kicks off at noon on Sunday, July 24th with an opening session hosted by the members and leaders of Region I. 

This year’s convention will offer a range of opportunities for networking, volunteering, working hard, and having fun in the California sun. We will also celebrate Diamond Anniversary of the Youth & College Division with a special plenary, in addition to youth night geared toward chronicling OUR history in an engaging and inspiring way using multi-media. One very special project will be a commemorative newspaper distributed during the convention with a section that seeks to highlight leaders and accomplishments of the Youth & College Division-- past and present. In the mean time, please fill out this pre-convention survey for youth members and leaders at: 

This is a convention that you don't want to miss! Be sure to subscribe to the Countdown to Convention blog feed, and check back frequently for information and updates. 

Get Registered: If you have not already, get registered! Keep saving money and fundraising so that you can get here and get access to the resources and information YOU need to be the most effective advocates for justice on your campus and in your community. 

Get Ready: We urge you to spend the next 21 days gearing up, and getting ready for the ultimate experience which is sure to be the highlight of your summer. 

Get Connected: Join us on Facebook and Twitter, then check out websites for information about what do beyond the convention!

See you in Los Angeles! 

Zephanii Smith & The California-Hawaii Youth Leadership Team 
Ariana, Akura, Valeska, Jeilvon, Philip, Steven, Samantha, Niger, Emajee, and Satorie