Childhood Obesity — Call to Action at the University of Southern California.

The NAACP has named the childhood obesity epidemic as a national priority for our health advocacy department. In recognition of September being deemed National Childhood Obesity Awareness month, I am currently in South Central Los Angeles at the University Southern California attending “Childhood Obesity: A Call to Action”. As a member of the childhood obesity awareness month council, the NAACP is here to support the work of the Tri-Caucus (Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus) that represent the health of minorities in congressional districts across the country. Teachers, community activists, researchers, public health practitioners and congressional leaders are here committed to working on strategic and coordinated plans to ensure that we not only educate, but help to make changes in our communities.

As we celebrate the opportunity to raise awareness in the month of September, the NAACP is pleased to announce that later this fall we will be releasing a childhood obesity community advocacy manual. This manual will help communities identify key policies that will help to reduce the burden of childhood obesity especially in communities of color. We can NOT afford to continue to watch this problem escalate. Yes, education is important but we the people must: advocate for more comprehensive policies in schools, improve built environments, and reduce food deserts that are prevalent in communities of color.

Many are saying that if this epidemic is not contained, this will be the generation that will not outlive their parents. Join us in this fight as we look forward to combating childhood obesity together through not only education programs, but also community advocacy. We the people have to be the voice for the health of our children. Contact the Health Team for more information at