Confronting the Fiscal Cliff

Right now Mossi Tull is worried.

Only miles away from where he lives in Washington, DC with his wife and their two-year-old son, the looming fiscal cliff debate is heating up. Mossi works for his father's small business, so the outcome of this debate is very personal for him. A $2,200 increase in his tax bill could cripple his family, just as it would 114 million other families across the country.

We can't let this happen, and we're doing something about it.

Write your members of Congress directly. Tell them not to send the middle class over the fiscal cliff.

The looming fiscal cliff crisis threatens to hit middle-class families hard. On January 1st, your taxes could go up by $2,200 or more. There aren't many of us who wouldn't feel the impact.

Mossi certainly would. He's a Morehouse man, and he values education. Every extra dollar he and his wife earn goes toward Mossi Jr.'s education. If their taxes increase, that's $35,200 less they have for Mossi Jr.'s college fund. And it's $35,200 more Mossi Jr. would have to take out in student loans.

And Mossi's not alone. Families from coast to coast — perhaps even your own — would feel the added burden of this crisis. But we can stop it by making our voices heard, loud and clear, by members of Congress.

Tell your members of Congress to move forward with what we can all agree upon — extending the tax cuts for 98% of Americans.