Day of Unity: Faith Leaders What Will You Do to Get Involved?

Today marks the 3rd annual NAACP “Day of Unity”, designed to unite faith leaders across the nation to address the HIV epidemic, reduce stigma, and create a network to take action and stop the social injustices that have led to the unequal impact of HIV among African Americans. HIV continues to be a challenge and heavy burden within the black community. Black Americans make up only 14% of the US population but yet accounts for over 500,000 of the 1.1 million people currently living with HIV/AIDS according to CDC data.

You may be thinking; how as a faith leader do I fit into a “call of action” that deals with issues beyond my ministry of gospel? Black churches have served as a focal point for African American communities for many decades, dating all the way back to the Civil Rights era. Black faith leaders not only took on the responsibility of his congregant’s spiritual development but the development of their social consciousness. There is no other organization or institution that exists that neither holds a commanding presence nor possesses the power and influence of change like the Black Church.

Given the complexity and nature of the HIV virus, it will take colossal team efforts to attack this epidemic at its roots through a social justice angle. We know what a dynamic duo the Black Church and NAACP are when they align and band together as one. The NAACP is asking all faith leaders to join in the fight and partner with us on this national day.

What Can I Do To Get Involved?

•Preach – From the pulpit to the pew with messages about HIV

•Share – On social media using the hashtag #DayofUnity, with local media, and in your community

•Act – Fight HIV with a testing drive or community event

We can no longer ignore the disproportionate impact that HIV has on our black communities.

Join the Fight! To partner with the NAACP and learn more on how to get involved on this national day, please sign-up on our website at .