Digital Evangelist

Last July when I was given the charge of training NAACP members in digital media I thought—here is a great opportunity for me to share my love for digital media with the NAACP community.  With that challenge in mind, I set out to teach folks about mobile, social media and everything digital in between.  This weekly blog series will update you on my trainings, give you info about how to sign up and equip yourself with the tools you need to disseminate your message well for your NAACP branch or chapter.

This week’s webinar topic is Twitter Made Simple. Twitter is a micro blogging site that utilizes a social media platform.  Want to know what that means? Join my webinar!  I will go over the basics of Twitter–who uses it; the nomenclature involved and best practices for use. If you are interested in joining us for the webinar, please contact me at and I will send you the link to sign up and attend.

Last week, I covered Mobile Messaging for Organizing. The topic was how to use SMS or text messaging to reach a wider audience--particularly those who may not have immediate access to the internet.  Communities of color and rural residents traditionally have a less access to broadband.  Lessons learned include case studies reviewing uses for text messaging, including communicating with volunteers, collecting demographic information, and publicizing events and meetings.  I took the participants through a step by step procedure for branches to start their own mobile messaging program.  Are you an NAACP branch president with at least 30 people willing to sign up for mobile messages?  Contact me—and I will help you get started. 

When people ask me what I do, I say I help NAACP branches do their work better by giving them additional tools that can complement the great work their already doing on the ground.  And in this way, I think of myself as a kind of “digital evangelist”—spreading the gospel of digital media throughout the NAACP.  Every week, I explore a different digital media topic—training units how to use digital media tools to better organize and amplify the work of their branches or chapters. The weekly webinar takes place every Thursday evening at 9:15pm Eastern Standard Time to accommodate our members on the West coast who are coming home from work at that time.

Topics and Dates for upcoming webinars:

  • Twitter Made Simple- May 2nd
  • Facebook For your Unit May 9th
  • Email for Organizing - May 16th
  • Free Email Client May 23rd
  • Mobile Messaging for Organizing, May 30th

I’d love to hear from you about what additional digital tools your NAACP unit wants to learn more about. Please take a minute to fill out my Weekly Webinar Survey after you participate in the webinar. It is important that I know the tools you all need—it is the goal of the NAACP National digital media team to better serve the units.

I hope you can join me for these informative webinars! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.  Thank you: