Digital Evangelist : Tools to Increase Voter Registration

Last July when I was charged with training NAACP members in digital media, I thought—here is a great opportunity for me to share my love for digital media with the NAACP family.  With that challenge in mind, I aim to teach folks about mobile, social media and everything in between.  My weekly blog will update you on my trainings, and give you info about how to sign up and equip yourself with the tools you need to disseminate your message.

During last week’s webinar, I talked about why we use mobile messaging and how it can be used to bolster NAACP civic engagement strategy. This week’s webinar will uplift the tools needed to increase NAACP civic engagement across units.  Additionally, we'll discuss how mobile messaging can play an important role in NAACP Get Out the Vote efforts. In 2012, we registered over 400,000 voters-- the VAN and mobile messaging both played an integral part in reaching that goal. The VAN is the main tool we will use to help us trump our registration numbers from 2012. Mobile messaging is also a great tool for branches in districts with upcoming elections. You can use mobile messaging to notify people about early voting and Election Day reminders or alerts.  Currently, the Louisiana State Conference is launching a robust campaign for their special election, October 19.

Want to know more? Register and join me for the webinar this Thursday at 9:00pm Eastern Time. If you are interested in starting a mobile messaging program for your branch or chapter, feel free to reach out to me at

NAACP would not be the strong organization it is without our members and your input is important. After you finish the webinar, please take a moment to fill out the Weekly Webinar Survey. If there is a topic you are interested in that is not being covered let me know. The NAACP aims to equip our units with all the digital tools needed for civic engagement and online advocacy. 

Lauren Wilson aka “NAACP Digital Evangelist” spreads the gospel of digital media throughout the NAACP.  Every week, she explores a different digital media topic teaching units how to use digital media tools to better organize and amplify their branches or chapters work. The weekly webinar occurs every Thursday evening at 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time (unless otherwise stated).