Do You Want Healthcare Insurance January 1st?

Photo and graphic by Get Covered America

Communities of color are disproportionally uninsured.  The NAACP is working with a number of organizations to rectify that fact.  One such group is, Get Covered America.  In the coming days--we're collectively pushing as many unisured Americans to sign up at for the Affordable Care Act marketplace.  You can receive more information from the NAACP by texting ACA to 62227.

Read this Thunderclap Repost from Get Covered America:

Affordable, quality health insurance is finally here, and Get Covered America is the campaign to make sure 40 million uninsured Americans know about it.

There's only one way we'll be successful: We need your help.

December 23rd is the last day to sign up for health insurance that starts January 1st, and we need you -- and all your friends -- to help get the word out.

All you have to do is pledge your support via Thunderclap and your social media accounts by clicking here

What is Thunderclap? Thunderclap is a tool that allows supporters like you to donate a Tweet or Facebook status. All of the donated tweets and statuses will go out at exactly the same date and time to achieve maximum effect -- creating a "Thunderclap" letting everyone know that December 23rd is the last day to get coverage that starts January 1st.