Empowered to Impact

As 2011 comes to a close, the NAACP has launched a series of blogs, "10 Reasons to be a Part of NAACP", reflecting on our work this year and the year ahead. Each day, we'll feature a new blog on our social networks. View the entire "10 Reasons" series, and donate to the NAACP here.

December 10, the NAACP led more than 100 civil rights organizations in a march protesting the current, aggressive attack against voting rights during the Stand for Freedom Rally in New York City.

From the headquarters of Koch Industries to the United Nations, we raised our voice against the proposed, cunning laws that undermine our democracy.  Early voting and Sunday voting are under attack, photo ID requirements will introduce the first financial and document barrier to voting since the poll tax, and racially-motivated bans on ex-felons will wipe at least 5 million people off the voting rolls. This effort is targeted toward African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans, students, working women, seniors and immigrants of all colors.

The Stand for Freedom Rally was the official start of a year-long educational and voter empowerment movement. Millions of dollars have been bankrolled across the country to change these laws and we will fight against this.

We need your help now. We cannot let the deaths of civil rights martyrs like Medgar Evers and Viola Liuzzo be in vain. We are moving full throttle into 2012 with voter registration, education, and other efforts. We will not stop until the voting rights of all citizens are fairly secured.

Donate to the NAACP today and join us in the fight to protect voting rights. Be empowered to make a long-standing impact.