Governor O’Malley Must Work to Repeal the Death Penalty in MD

Before Troy Davis took his final breath, we promised him we would end the death penalty in the United States, once and for all. Together with the help of our members, staff, and volunteers, we were able to successfully advocate for the repeal of the death penalty in Connecticut.

Now the fight has come to Maryland and Governor O'Malley has an opportunity to do what he’s promised in the past—rid Maryland of this terrible punishment.  We’re asking the Governor to meet with Senate President Mike Miller—who can bring it to a vote.

Call Governor O'Malley today and ask him to put pressure on Senator Miller to bring this important repeal vote to the floor.  Call 410-974-3901 or 1-800-811-8336 today.

A majority of state legislators support repeal—and now is the time for action.  Repeal is within our reach.  The death penalty has no place in Maryland, or the United States.

With this fight—we are working towards that magical number of 26—when 26 states have repealed the death penalty, the NAACP can make a case to the United States Supreme Court to outlaw the practice nationally.  The people of Maryland have led the nation in the fight for civil rights—the NAACP supports those efforts by rallying its members for this fight and pressing our leaders to stand for justice.