KNOW THE F.A.C.Ts!  An Overview of the Financial Advocacy and Community Tours

The NAACP Economic Department in conjunction with the 103rd National convention hosted its signature Financial Advocacy and Community Tour (F.A.C.T) in Houston, Texas at the Houston Convention Center on Tuesday July 10, 2012. Serving over 800 participants’, the tour was coupled for the 2nd time since its launch in March 2012, with the Regional Diversity Job Fair. The Financial Advocacy and Community tour was held in 5 of 7 NAACP regions:  Raleigh, North Carolina (Region 5); Louisville, Kentucky (Region 3); Annapolis, Maryland (Region 7); Des Moines, Iowa (Region 4) and Houston, Texas (Region 6); having served 1364 people to date.

As a result of the F.A.C.T. events, the NAACP Economic Department has been able to connect attendees with local and national partners who work around key economic issues.  While the focus is wide ranging, our partners are generally experts in the areas of foreclosure prevention, housing counseling, credit counseling, financial planning, and the like.  These partners are either financial institutions, non-profit or government entities, and are thoroughly vetted through the Economic Department’s internal processes to ensure that the services provided are trustworthy and free or low cost to the public. While, there are many economic empowerment tours operating throughout the country, the F.A.C.T events offer education, housing counseling and opportunities for participants to engage with advocacy organizations.  In addition, the Economic Department involves our financial partners, Wells Fargo and Bank of America in each event.  Working in collaboration with the NAACP Economic Department, both Wells Fargo and Bank of America have worked diligently to inform the public about the F.A.C.T events.  Furthermore, these partners were able to send out direct mailings to their customers who were having challenges paying their mortgage to provide them with home preservation counseling. The tour’s also featured non-profit organizations like the NID-Housing Counseling Agency and Urban League who offered non-partial housing counseling to participants, as well as the Financial Planning Association which provided brief consultations to participants.

All in All, the NAACP Economic Department’s Financial Advocacy and Community Tours have been a smashing success.  Hundreds of people have been connected with valuable resources in their communities and exposed to trustworthy financial/economic services far and wide. This however, is just the beginning. Not only will there be FACT tours hosted in the remaining NAACP regions, but there are other initiatives to keep an eye out for, spanning the breadth of the Economic Department’s work.

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