Forward Ever…Backwards Never!  Reflections from the NAACP Daisy Bates Education Summit

By Kirin Kennedy and Jonathon Lewis, NAACP Regional Field Fellows

More than 200 educators, students and community activists from across the country united together in Raleigh, North Carolina for the NAACP Daisy Bates Education Summit on December 3-5. The summit reflected on the issues of educational equity, diverse learning accountability and community involvement. This conference was a two-day intensive working session for educators and policy makers. Throughout the conference the theme revolved around the NAACP’s six-point education platform, which includes:

1) Equitable opportunities for all

2) Utilization of systematically proven and effective educational methods

3) Public and community engagement in education reforms

4) Safe and educational sound learning environments

5) Diverse learning environments

6) Comprehensive and substantive accountability systems to maintain equitable opportunities.

As the attendees assessed the six points in the NAACP’s education platform, information was also provided about the bitter fight in Wake County, North Carolina as the education board in the district is seeking to segregate the schools within the county.