International Women and Earth Climate Summit

Jacqui Patterson with her working group at the International Women and Earth Climate Summit.

NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program Director Jacqui Patterson gave these remarks at the International Women and Earth Climate Summit:

The climate crises and the inter-related converging economic, social, political, cultural, and war related crises that are assailing the world force us all to live provocative lives. As women especially who are living lives of intersectionality, we are called on to be provocative in many spaces, whether it’s at the dinner table with family, out over drinks with friends, in our work spaces, in board rooms,  at meetings and conferences, on the streets when we put our bodies on the line in civil disobedience, and elsewhere. 

We’re called on to be provocative in the face of sexism, racism, xenophobia, classism, corrupt politicians and governments, corporate control over politicians, policies, and even our bodies, political marginalization and on issues of  extractive industries, overconsumption,  militarism, criminalization,  and so much more.  We even have to be provocative in infusing love, peace, healing, and a spirit of collaboration, into oft resistant spaces.

I think we can all agree that whether we are pushing out the negative, asserting the positive, engaging with friend or foe, living lives of provocation can be exhausting. That’s why we need spaces like this where we can strengthen and encourage each other on the journey, combine and maximize efforts, and build synergy. We must continue to convene these types of spaces in-person and virtually, whether it’s 100 women or 10 women. I look forward to working with you in advancing the principles, policies, systems, practices and the love we need to transform the world and have a sustainable planet for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and beyond.