It’s Time to Double Down on What Works

President Ben Jealous just returned from the White House where President Obama made a special announcement -- through Executive Order he has established a new initiative to improve educational outcomes for African Americans: the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.

Our children are getting the short shrift—lack of access to college preparatory and advanced placement coursework; a dearth of qualified teachers in every classroom and frequently labeled special education and disciplined at disproportionally greater numbers.

The Educational Excellence for African Americans program will be a joint project between the Department of Education and the White House—it will be overseen by community leaders with a vested interest in improving education for African Americans.  From early childhood education to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) President Obama is taking a holistic approach to revamping our failing schools. 

This initiative is a huge step forward for our community -- share your ideas on our Facebook page—tell us how you would improve schools in your community. 

We applaud President Obama’s educational goals for the black community and the NAACP is committed to adding legions of African American college graduates to the ranks of the 2020 goal—making America a top nation of college graduates.

President Jealous remarked: 

This Initiative will help ensure ongoing progress towards that day when all students have equal access to educational excellence and no student can find examples of racism anywhere in their schools except chronicled in their history books.