Local NAACP Leader Meets with VP Joe Biden

photo courtesy of the Associated Press

Mossi Tull spoke with Vice President Joe Biden during a lunch today at Metro Diner 29 in Arlington, Virginia and explained why he is worried about our nation falling off the fiscal cliff. Tull is one of millions of middle class families who could see an estimated $2,000 tax increase if Congress does not act soon.

Mr. Tull is a husband and father to a two year old--he and his wife are concerned about how the fiscal cliff could impact their college savings plan for their son:

A $2,000 dollar tax increase would severely impact our ability to save for our son’s education.  With college tuition rates on the rise, every extra dollar we can save now counts.

Mr. Tull was one of several middle class citizens who had lunch with Vice President Biden to discuss what a tax increase would mean to them. He told Vice President Biden, that his ability to save for his son’s education will suffer a huge blow if his taxes shoot up by an estimated $2,000. In the sixteen years until his son is ready for college, this increase would add up to $30,000 less for his son’s college fund. That could also mean $30,000 more that his son would have to take out in student loans.

Benjamin Todd Jealous, President and CEO of the National NAACP noted that Mossi was not alone:

Families from coast to coast would feel the added burden of this crisis.  Congress needs to put aside partisanship and do what we can all agree on: extending tax cuts for America’s hardest working families.

Jealous met with President Obama in early November to discuss the fiscal cliff and its impact on the African American community and people of color.