Michigan So-Called Right to Work Legislation Passes

Last Thursday, Michigan legislators passed one of the most anti-worker pieces of legislation the state has ever seen — a so-called Right to Work bill. It jeopardizes the livelihoods of working families throughout the state, particularly families of color.

Today the legislature met for a final vote and Governor Rick Snyder signed the bill into law. Although the outcome was not in our favor, we need you to stand with our brothers and sisters in Michigan. This will not be the end of the fight against the Right to Work bill. 

For more than a century, labor unions and the NAACP have worked together to help form the backbone of the middle class. This Right to Work bill guts the power of working families, lowers wages, and decreases access to education and healthcare. Everyone will be impacted, there's no two ways about it. Teachers, nurses, public safety workers, automobile workers, clergy, and so many others no longer have power on the job. And this isn’t only union members, either. Workers in Right to Work states make on average $1,500 LESS per year, and studies have shown other state economies stagnated after passing similar bills.

We know who is behind these attacks. They are the same people who tried to take away your right to vote. We didn't stand for it then, and we won't stand for this new assault on working families now.

The passing of this bill is only a minor setback in our fight for justice. We have the power to continue the fight on the Right to Work bill. Now that the bill has passed your support against these injustices is more crucial than ever. Stand together with us as we continue this battle.