NAACP is announcing that today is the DAY!

The NAACP is proud to announce that today is the six month anniversary of President Barack Obama’s passing of the Affordable Care Act.

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Here are a few highlights: This bill will promote equal access for all by eliminating discrimination against children with pre-existing conditions, banning insurance companies from canceling coverage, and guarding your right to appeal denials of coverage. Other changes include:

Elimination of lifetime limits

Insurance companies cannot deny treatment to patients suffering from serious diseases because of an insurer’s lifetime limit on their coverage.

Coverage of young adults on their parents’ plan

Young adults will be allowed to remain on their parents’ plan until their 26th birthday, unless they are offered coverage at work.

Coverage of preventive care with no cost

Services like mammograms, colonoscopies, immunizations, and pre-natal and new baby care will be covered and insurance companies will be prohibited from charging deductibles or co-payments for these procedures.

This is a huge step for all Americans. Be sure to communicate these new health are changes to everyone you know. For an overview of the benefits of the entire Healthcare Act click on this link or visit