NAACP Economic Department Welcomes Summer Interns

From Left to Right: Neruda, Andrew, Alex, Humera

This summer the NAACP Economic Department welcomes four new volunteers to the Financial Freedom Center. All four summer volunteers are enrolled in the University of California and are participating in the UCDC program, a program where students live, intern, and take classes in Washington DC. Each of the new volunteers are excited to work with the NAACP Economic Department to address the challenging economic realities facing people of color.

Neruda Atako is an incoming 4th year student at UC Santa Barbara. “I was interested in interning with the NAACP because I wanted to further my knowledge on economic issues that foster racial economic disparity in America, “ she states. Neruda hopes to gain exposure and experience in the practices of the banking system.

Alex Berenfeld just finished his 4th year at UC Davis. Alex is interested in “…analyzing economic data to identify discrepancies in loan rates given past discriminatory practices.” Alex wants to gain practical experience in finance while at the same time trying to make a positive impact on communities.

Humera Durrani just finished her 4th year at UC Davis. What attracted Humera to the NAACP was the history of “…advocacy for social justice and equal rights.” Humera wants to expand her professional skills and increase her understanding of racial economic inequalities that are still prevalent in the United States.

Andrew Soriano is an incoming 4th year student at UC Santa Barbara. Andrew believes that “…understanding the intersection between public policy and economics on both the state and national levels is the key to identifying – and eventually solving – the disparities within communities of color.” Andrew wants to gain experience in identifying widespread economic issues and promoting methods to solve them.