The Forgotten Epidemic — HIV/AIDS: Crisis in Black America

The Harvard University Center for AIDS Research (HU CFAR), The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and national & local partners are pleased to present a symposium, November 19 -20, 2010, to examine the increasingly critical HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black America. This first in a series of meetings entitled "The Forgotten Epidemic" will explore how and why HIV/AIDS has become an overwhelmingly Black disease in the United States. The HU CFAR/NAACP symposium is a unique opportunity to bring together a diverse, multidisciplinary group of partners including people living with HIV, government officials, health care providers, scientists/researchers, faith-, youth- and community-based organizations. Attendees will exchange creative and innovative ideas on topics ranging from new strategies for prevention, advances in research and treatment, health care reform, and social and political forces at play in this American crisis. Future meetings will expand to explore these same issues in the ongoing global epidemic among people of African descent. Please join us to add your voice to this important conversation.

For more information click this link to view the attached flyer.