The Intern Chronicles: A Day in the Life of A GTL Intern

Carpe diem (Seize the moment)!

You are or you become what your thoughts and consequentially your actions lead you to become. Awesome intro right!? Not too philosophical, I would say a blend of the virtues we try to seek in life. If we are the end products of what our thoughts and actions lead us to become, then it is best to guide our thought patterns and actions, by planning (short & long term goals) and carefully selecting the people you surround yourself with.

So, who am I? My name is Corissa Shawanna Deadwyler, and I believe my name fits me well. I am a graduating senior from Atlanta, GA, double majoring in finance and accounting at Alabama A&M University. This summer I have the opportunity to blog and share my experience interning in the financial services industry. I hope my blog is both engaging and enlightening!

I am pursuing my undergraduate degree and am extremely active on campus. I am a member of the Alabama A&M collegiate softball team, Vice President of the Finance/ Economics Club and a member of the NAACP. My previous internship experience includes CBS Radio where I developed project management skills during site events. In addition, I participated in projects that involved marketing products/services for potential clients, analyzing transactions, and reporting. Following my CBS Radio internship, I interned with NASA as a budget analyst in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Here I gained an understanding about the importance of national appeal and its effect on government budgeting priorities. Most recently, I interned with General Electric Energy Division as a financial planning and analysis intern.  Outside of school and work, I enjoy coaching little league softball, traveling and spending time with family. 

My deepest aspirations are to work  within the financial services industry, and to understand the global environment through an investment allocation perspective. My past internships and current one I might add, did not come easy, I have been rejected by many more internships than the four I have been able to get! It is true preparation meets opportunity. When opportunity comes calling (phone interview), carpe diem – seize the moment!!! Put fear in your back pocket and swallow those butterflies. 

Now, why Finance? Growing up I learned very quickly, everyone has areas in which they specialize in. For me, not too many people could explain the financial news, the global marketplace, or the process for accumulating wealth to me in way that made sense.  So I decided to put my faith in education and immerse myself into understanding the economy, financial markets, and the accumulation of wealth.  With my eagerness to learn, I am committed to becoming an expert in finance and the global economy.

Quoting a personal favorite musical icon, Jay-Z said, “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie”. While I hate statistics, I do understand the importance of them. With that being said, similar to a bad itch, the following statistic really bothers me.

“Regardless of age, households structure, education, occupation, or income, black households, typically have less than a quarter of the wealth of otherwise comparable white households.” Less than a quarter, still doesn’t tell me much, but a look at the numbers, puts me in shock. In other words, the average white family has $113,149 in net worth, compared to $6,325 for Hispanics and $5,677 for blacks.

Wow, right? So how can I raise awareness around racial economic inequality figures such as these and be an advocate for economic fairness at 22 years old and so early in my career? Through personal experience, I know for certain, my community is not well- educated on tools available to help build financial wealth. Right now with the use of this blog, and going forward, I plan to educate my community around the importance of saving, conservative spending, and other types of financial education strategies. In addition to that, as I enter the workforce, I will ensure that affinity networks are educating employees and developing community initiatives around closing the racial economic inequality divide. Lastly, as I become seasoned in my profession I will offer professional advice and provide advisory services.

As you tune in with me this summer, I will be sharing my internship experiences, interviewing professionals, and providing informational links so you can join me in becoming an advocate in your own communities on racial equality, building financial wealth, and demystifying the financial services industry.

While I did not discuss  my  internship as much as I would like, I do hope this first blog gives you a great sense of who I am , what’s next to come, and the deep commitment I have to utilizing  this opportunity to share my experience. Until next time, Carpe diem!