The Internship That Inspired

By Meaghan F. Washington, NAACP Communications Intern

I spent the majority of my days this past summer as an intern at the NAACP's Washington Bureau, compiling articles, editing press releases, providing context for media stories, and anything else the Communications department needed me to do.

When I left my cubicle and ventured to the department hub in the back of the office, I noticed black and white photos, awards, plaques, flyers, and posters along the walls of the Bureau. Each of the photos showed people who looked like me. They looked close to me in age, and had skin and hair like mine - some even had my smile.

One particular photo that stood out was a depiction of the 1998 Commemorative stamp of Madam CJ Walker. The tenacity she showed to begin her own company in the heavily racist South makes Madam CJ Walker an inspiration to all women of color. Her work ethic is a quality I admire, and it encourages us to pursue our dreams no matter how big they may seem.