The NAACP Participates in Food Day

The NAACP Health Department began promoting Food Day at the 105th Annual NAACP Convention and the day has finally arrived. For the NAACP, Food Day is about continuing the fight for affordable and accessible food regardless of the community you live in. In addition it’s also about ensuring that children across the nation receive the most nutritious meals possible through the school lunch program.  For communities of color, the reality of the food desert is all too familiar.   We are working with our local branches and units across the country to use Food Day to further the conversation around food justice and food insecurity. 

This multilevel intergenerational dialogue is not just about what’s on the table at dinner time, but more importantly what’s on the table, how did it get there, and how far did you have to go to shop for it.  Discussions such as these rightfully have their place in the civil rights community.  Our work around the issue of childhood obesity is linked directly to what is happening in the food movement across the nation.  While many claim that childhood obesity and food choice are a matter of personal responsibility, we like to remind them of former Surgeon General Satcher’s quote: Many people believe that dealing with overweight and obesity is personal responsibility. To some degree they are right, but it is also community responsibility.”

We place a special emphasis on the “community” aspect. For those who may ask why the NAACP is working so diligently on issues such as food justice and health disparities our response is this; the vitality of the next generation of activist is dependent on making sure that young people show up ready and prepared to learn. If we don’t address these issues head on we are doing a disservice to those young activists who we are currently molding to follow in our footsteps.

The obesity epidemic and movement around food justice is causing us yet again to rustle with the very notion of democracy and equity. We stand steadfast to our commitments to ensure that all individuals have access to nutritious and affordable food. We hope that you would join us in the fight for food justice not just on Food Day but in the long term as we strive for health equity.