#TooMuchDoubt: A Campaign to Stop the Execution of Troy Davis

UPDATE (9/20/11): The GA Board of Paroles denied Troy's request for clemency. Chatham County DA Larry Chisolm can still ask the judge to withdraw Troy's death warrant - click here to tell Chisolm to do the right thing.

Despite serious doubts as to his guilt and a lack of evidence, Troy Davis will be executed on September 21 if we don't do something. As a sign of solidarity and a means of increasing awareness, we're encouraging supporters of justice everywhere to make Troy their Facebook pic and/or Twitter avatar through Troy's clemency hearing on September 19.

Here's how you can help spread the word...

On Facebook:

  • Download the #TooMuchDoubt logo and make it your profile pic
  • Update your status to encourage your Facebook friends to join you in taking a stand for Troy
  • Check out the NAACP's Facebook page for updates regarding our efforts to save Troy

On Twitter:

  • Download the #TooMuchDoubt Twitter avatar
  • Check out some sample tweets (below)
  • Read our Troy Davis fact sheet and the tweet the most compelling using the #TooMuchDoubt hashtag

Here are some sample #TooMuchDoubt tweets to help you get started...

We can't do it without you - join us as we let the state of Georgia know there is simply too much doubt to execute Troy Davis.