Twitterview with NAACP Youth & College/National Field Director Stefanie Brown

On March 23, 2011, the NAACP's New Media department had the chance to conduct a "Twitterview" with Stefanie Brown, NAACP Youth & College Director & National Field Director. Find out what (along with a promise of pizza) got her involved in the NAACP, the function of the NAACP Youth & College Division, and the benefits of being a part of the NAACP family - and be sure to follow Stefanie on Twitter @stefbrown33!

@NAACP: What made you get involved in the NAACP Youth & College Division?

SB: I got a flyer @ church about a Cleveland Youth meeting (it advertised pizza!)... I went to the meeting & felt inspired to make positive changes. I became President @ the 2nd meeting. I later went to my 1st NAACP Convention in Charlotte & met cool, like-minded kids like me. I was hooked!

@NAACP: What do members of the #NAACP Youth & College Division do in their communities?

SB: We advocate on behalf of #civilrights causes in our community by creating awareness, grassroots actions & agitation. We also provide leadership development & train youth to organize to advance social justice on behalf of people of color.

@NAACP: As a young person, is there a way for me to assume leadership roles within the NAACP?

SB: Youth under 25 are encouraged to lead @ local, state & national levels. Our Board of Directors reserves 7 seats for Y&C leaders. NAACP was a training ground for leaders like (NAACP Chairman) @roslynbrock, (Political Strategist) @donnabrazile, (Journalist & Social Activist) @JeffsNation & (Pastor) @jamalhbryant, & will develop the leaders of tomorrow.

@NAACP: What are the benefits to being involved in the #NAACP?

SB: Access to a nationwide network of activists, leadership opportunities, idea-sharing, being part of a legacy bigger than yourself...I'm 1 of many whose lives have changed by being in the NAACP family. I never would've guessed at 14 yrs old that I'd be National Field Director!

@NAACP: As a young professional, how has your involvement in the #NAACP prepared you in your professional career?

SB: As Field Director for more than 2200 units, I've gained wonderful experience managing staff & coordinating units nationwide. It's definitely increased my communication skills, allowed me an expansive network & enabled me to be a mentor (which I love).

@NAACP: Can you describe any recent success youth units have had in making positive changes in their community?

SB: We have 600 Youth & College units nationwide doing great work! A couple of examples would be Jackson State University working to free the #ScottSisters and the North Carolina #NAACP Youth & College, who are organizing to fight the resegregation of schools in Wake County, NC.

@NAACP: That wraps up our Twitterview with Youth & College Director Stefanie Brown! Thanks all for your submissions, be sure to follow Stefanie on Twitter @stefbrown33.

SB: Thanks to everyone for submitting questions and joining us today! Feel free to reach out to me w/any questions @stefbrown33. Take care!