Urge Your Senator to Resolve the Fiscal Cliff

Our country is currently facing the prospect of a “fiscal cliff.” If our leaders fail to come to an agreement on how to balance the budget, automatic spending cuts of about $109 billion per year will go into effect.  Almost every federal program will face a reduction in its budget.

The fiscal cliff has the power to put our country back into a recession and devastate the most vulnerable among us; as many as two million Americans could lose their jobs. In addition, if none of the tax breaks for the middle class are reauthorized, the average middle class family will face a $2,000 increase in their annual tax bill. In addition, a chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) will result in smaller social security checks.

Most people in the middle class do not have $2,000 to spare, and the fiscal cliff will put many Americans in even more dire straits. We cannot afford to be slammed back into another recession, or for more Americans to lose their jobs or for social security benefits to be cut.

Take action today and contact your Senator to urge them to work toward a balanced budget that will stop the fiscal cliff from cutting programs that affect all of us, especially the most vulnerable Americans. Let your senator know that resolving the fiscal cliff must be a top priority to protect the middle class.