Welcome to The Civil Rights Health Care War Room

By Shavon Arline, NAACP Health Care Programs Directorshavonarline I am writing from the heart of Civil Rights Health Care War Room-an unprecedented coordinated effort by the NAACP, National Urban League, and the Black Leadership Forum and others to fight for real health care reform. Low income families and people of color have the most at stake in this national debate, and with a vote coming up as early as Friday, we have got to take control of this debate. What does "real reform" mean? We are talking: * Full, affordable & comprehensive coverage for all individuals and families * Nobody being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions * Equity in access to care, treatment & resources-an end to racial and income disparities. * A real choice of a private or public health care plan. There is no reform without at strong public option. Check out our War Room webpage, complete with video, action items and links to events going on across the country this week. Together we can make sure that health care reform works for all of us.