Widening Access to Education Opportunity

bethglennBeth Glenn, NAACP National Education Director

Cross-Posted from National Journal's Education Experts blog

The proliferation of early college high schools just illustrates that even students who had been disengaged from school before can flourish and succeed when exposed to challenging curricula and given the right supports. This was one of the key lessons from the School Redesign Network's High Schools for Equity report. When disadvantaged kids and kids of color who otherwise might have been tracked into a watered-down curriculum were allowed to self-nominate for AP classes their learning gains were impressive. They rose to the challenge, took the opportunity to follow their interest and succeeded.

It's not surprising that early college high schools - by breaking the link between past performance and the allocations of current opportunities to succeed - have the same impact. It's important to note though, that students in these programs don't just benefit from high expectations and exposure to challenges for which they otherwise would have been deemed ineligible. ...