Health Reform

This year, the NAACP has expanded its health reform work with Connecting to Care – an initiative aimed to help insured individuals connect to primary care.

In March 2010, the historic Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed into law by President Barack Obama. Through funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the NAACP is promoting the law’s successful implementation with the Educating African American Communities for Enrollment in Coverage under the Affordable Care Act project, to help address inequities in health outcomes and health care access. Each enrollment period, the NAACP awards mini grants to its local affiliates to conduct outreach efforts to encourage enrollment and re-enrollment for health insurance. Through these collaborative efforts with local affiliates, the NAACP has hosted 20 ACA enrollment activities since 2014 in cities nationwide; enrolled over 500 individuals in the Health Insurance Marketplace; and engaged nearly 10,000 individuals, encouraging African Americans and other people of color to #GetCovered and benefit from coverage options made possible by the ACA.

Connecting to Care
In addition to helping individuals obtain insurance coverage, the NAACP has launched a new initiative this year – Connecting to Care, aimed to help insured individuals find a medical home and achieve a better sense of knowledge and confidence in navigating the healthcare system. Often, people are unsure of where and who to go to once they receive coverage, and face challenges in locating and accessing primary care physicians and specialists that are in-network due to factors such as poor health literacy and economic, geographic, and cultural barriers. Routine doctor visits can significantly help improve upon the health and well-being of a person by helping individuals manage their illnesses or increase the chance of early detection, preventing future chronic illnesses.

The NAACP has been working closely with its local affiliates to host a series of Connecting to Care outreach events in cities across the U.S. including Arizona, California, Iowa-Nebraska, Kansas, New Jersey, and Tennessee. At each event, local health care providers are available on-site to provide participants with information on the types of services their facilities offer and to help participants find a medical home that matches their health needs.

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