Civic Engagement Toolkit: Turn Out 2018

The NAACP’s Civic Engagement focus, Turn Out 2018, is the voter registration and mobilization program that will reach voters in the targeted states and ensure that we convey the message “Vote! Our lives depend on it.”

Turn Out 2018 Objectives and Downloads

The NAACP Turn Out 2018 Civic Engagement program is designed to leverage our collective resources to deliver on a shared agenda for the Black community and all communities of color through:

Voter Registration– Registering new Black voters in locations organized by census track and counties;

Increased Voter Turn Out– Expanding turn out among infrequent Black voters in 2018 and beyond (Using three targeting Models); and,

Relational Organizing– Generating one-on-one conversations to increase turn out in communities and on key campuses across the nation through local activist and residents.

As an organization we know that if people of color and specifically black voters participated in elections at the same rate as whites have we would have a progressive majority. Black voters are skeptical of the political establishment, unhappy with candidate choices, frustrated with structural and institutional racism, slow job growth, no wage growth, the rising costs of health care, the rising cost of college and the rising cost of housing, and disturbed about police violence. All these issues can and be addressed by electing the right individuals and passing the right legislation.

Focusing in on targeted voter registration and turn out in 2018 will set the stage for the next five years by ensuring equitable outcomes for all communities, creating the necessity for candidates to develop solutions to inequality including the census, redistricting and voting rights, and building capacity in key states. It is through the NAACP infrastructure in states, our critical partnerships, and shared resources that we will shape our ability to be a formidable force this election.

Key Downloads and Links

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Civic Engagement Toolkit >

Guidance in executing your voter registration program.

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Register for the first time — or double-check your existing voter registration

State by State Voter Guides >

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