Get HYPE is designed to engage young adults in conversations about healthy living, advocacy and civic participation to encourage millenials to get involved in health activism.  Each event offers a range of activities such as fitness challenges, food demos, and screenings to increase awareness of health issues, and offer interactive ways for young adults to learn how to make healthy eating and physical activity an everyday occurrence.  Students are also provided the opportunity to hear from school officials, student organizations, government officials and agencies, and local advocates on how to take a more active role in advocating for social justice issues to build a healthier community.

The NAACP considers civic engagement an essential element to influencing positive change and improving communities quality of life.  Get HYPE works directly with students to equip them with knowledge and skills on how to be engaged effectively in addressing important issues such as gun violence, abusive policing, campus-based racism, diversity, mental health, and healthy living.  Get HYPE encourages and empowers students to use their voice through voter education, volunteerism, and an active membership to move the needle from awareness to action!