Project H.E.L.P.

Changing attitudes, behaviors, and systems to increase opportunities for health and wellness and reduce barriers that lead to chronic disease among African Americans.

Project HELP (Healthy Eating Lifestyles and Physical Activity) is a health initiative that focuses on increasing access and reducing barriers to healthy eating and physical activity to reduce the prevalence of chronic disease among African Americans.  The NAACP awards mini grants to its local affiliates to promote and implement strategies that support healthy eating and physical activity behaviors and opportunities in communities of color, using a health equity approach.

Project HELP grantees engage communities in comprehensive educational programs, and work to shape and change policies at the local level to ensure communities are designed to support a healthier lifestyle.  Focusing on three core principles – food environment, built environment, and competitive foods in schools – grantees serve as advocacy champions increasing community members understanding of resources and policies in their citifies and neighborhoods that directly impacts health.

Project HELP 2016 Grantees:  

  • Cecil County Branch #7015
  • Dyersburg-Dyer Branch #5586
  • Jackson Madison County Branch #5593
  • Limestone County Branch #5039
  • Metro-Birmingham Branch #5006
  • Tennessee State Conference #5621
  • Waco-McLennan County Branch #6234-B
  • Winchester Area Branch #7127