Protect and Preserve Our Lives Pledge

The NAACP is asking you to partner with us in changing policing in our communities by taking the following pledge:

I commit to working to immediately implement the following reforms:

(1) No funding for discriminatory law enforcement: Cut off all funding for law enforcement agencies that engage in a pattern or practice of discrimination.

(2) Effective investigation of law enforcement agencies: Create a commission to investigate individual claims of discrimination and patterns of discrimination within law enforcement agencies. This commission must be able to subpoena records from these agencies.

(3) Full data reporting: Require all local law enforcement agencies to gather and publish detailed information about traffic and pedestrian stops, the use of force, and all individuals who have been killed by police or died in police custody.

(4) Minimum standards on the use of force: Create minimum standards that require law enforcement officers to use de-escalation tactics and only allow the use of force when absolutely necessary.

(5) Independent review of police shootings: Require police shootings to be investigated by entities independent from the police department and prosecutor’s office where the shooting occurred.