Reverend Keron R. Sadler

Reverend Keron R. Sadler, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, earned her Bachelor of Arts in Religion/Theology from the American Baptist Theological College, while simultaneously pursuing additional studies in the MBA program at Tennessee State University.  She is a graduate of Hood Theological Seminary (Salisbury, NC) with a Masters in Divinity.  For three years she matriculated at Pfeiffer University pursuing a second masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. During Rev. Sadler’s internship at the Pfeiffer Institute, she provided intensive therapy to individuals, couples and families. Reverend Sadler is also an ordained Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Zion church.

She has worked in Corporate-America for over twenty years; and is recognized for her organizational, leadership, verbal and written communication skills. Presently, she serves as the national Manager of Health Programs for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Headquarters. At the NAACP she is responsible for maintaining and strengthening the NAACP’s commitment to HIV/AIDS as a high priority and high-profile issue. In her tenure there she managed the development and co-authored The Black Church and HIV: the Social Justice Imperative.

In addition to her corporate experience, Reverend Sadler has exercised her administrative and leadership gifts by helping to create congregational ministries of excellence within various churches.  Reverend Keron’s passion remains being committed to fulfilling her divine purpose to serve all people of God’s Kingdom, by meeting the needs of pastors, pastor’s spouses, church leaders, lay people and the community-at-large, regardless of denomination, race, sex or class through the Ministry of Counseling.

Being a dynamic and diverse speaker in her own right, she has been called upon to speak and teach to a variety of audiences, bringing with her personal experience, passion and excellence.

Rev. Sadler is currently serving as a member on the Hope Springs executive board in Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Sadler is the proud mother of one son, Parris James Clark IV.