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Media Advisory: National Civil Rights Leaders Decry Raw Racism of Trump

January 12, 2018



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** Advisory **

TODAY, January 12 @11AM

National Civil Rights Leaders Decry Raw Racism of Trump

Call In Press Conference: 785‑424‑1102, Conference ID: RIGHTS

Amidst Principled Negotiations on the Dream Act, Trump Shows That One Value Drives His Decisions Above All Others: White Supremacy

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, the raw racism of Donald Trump and those driving his immigration and other policy making decisions were on full display as he called for fewer Black people to be admitted into the United States in favor of white immigrants. And this morning, the President doubled down on his comments offering a weak justification for his racist viewpoint.

Today, civil rights and immigrant rights organization leaders will offer their perspectives on Trump’s disturbing comments and call for a return to a principle-driven negotiations on the Dream Act.

When: TODAY, January 12 – 11:00 am eastern


Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director and Co-Founder of United We Dream

Vanita Gupta, President and CEO, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Marc H. Morial, President and CEO, National Urban League

Derrick Johnson, President and CEO, NAACP

Clarissa Martínez-de-Castro, Deputy Vice President, UnidosUS

Jonathan Jayes-Green, Co-Founder and Director, Undocublack Network

Judith Browne Dianis, Executive Director, The Advancement Project


Where: 785‑424‑1102, Conference ID: RIGHTS






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